Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Club Conflict I - The Push/Pull

I've always been conflicted about book clubs. Pulled by the desire to share a passion. Repelled by the fear that precious time will be taken up reading titles chosen by others, titles far down on my own "Must Read" list. Repelled also by the fear of negativity, the depressing spectre of having to listen to books and their writers (who come to seem like friends) being trashed by other readers. Or worse yet, trashed by readers who have not read them, but insist on talking, about how such-and-such is superior. Or about the movie version. Whatever happened to that open-ended question: What is it about this book that makes it worth writing, publishing, reading? What might I have missed?

In the Book Club push and pull, will I be moved by love or fear? Will I stay home or will I go?

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