Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Planet Drum

June 15, 2016

Mickey Hart and Fredric Lieberman. Planet Drum: A Celebration of Percussion and Rhythm. 1991.

Music rises from the human heart. When the emotions are touched, they are expressed in sounds, and when the sounds take definite forms, we have music. Therefore the music of a peaceful and prosperous country is quiet and joyous, and the government is orderly; the music of a country in turmoil shows dissatisfaction and anger, and the government is chaotic; and the music of a destroyed country shows sorrow and remembrance of the past, and the people are distressed. Thus we see music and government are directly connected with one another. - Chinese Classic, from Hart & Lieberman, Planet Drum

I think I've always been attracted to drums - the way they use repetition and rhythm to communicate ideas and emotions. 

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