Sunday, July 23, 2017

Okanagan Odyssey

Don Gayton. Okanagan Odyssey: Journeys through Terrain, Terroir & Culture. Rocky Mountain Books, 2010.

I had heard of this book before, possibly from when I reviewed another Gayton title, Man Facing West. Have looked forward to reading this ever since and finally there it was in my favourite book store in Hope. Love the image and the sensuous French-fold cover. Love the braiding of wine terroir and tripling with nature walks and with traversing the geography (ie, the organization which follows the map). I'm going to suggest a couple of hesitations, but only because I like the book and its concept so much. I felt that transitions between chapters were missing. And I felt that the grasp of local and BC history was minimal, but then again, isn't that why we write books? To learn what we want to learn about the places we inhabit. 

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