Sunday, July 1, 2018


Michael Ondaatje. ANIL'S GHOST. Vintage, 2000.

You know how you wake from a dream and you don't remember the details but you remember how you enjoyed being in it? That's what I felt about my first reading of Anil's Ghost. I enjoyed it, but could not remember any details (except it was about a female forensic anthropologist working in Sri Lanka during internal political strife). After re-reading this novel for book club, I still like it. Enjoyed a vicarious trip to Sri Lanka. Enjoyed a female protagonist who has a work and family and love history not dependent on some man. Enjoyed the importance of art and spirituality to the plot. And am reminded again of how lucky we are here in Canada where opposing factions as of yet are not going at each other with grenades, machetes, and guns. 

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