Thursday, September 20, 2018


Paul Cowan. HOW THE SCOTS CREATED CANADA. Dragon Hill, 2006.

Very interesting round-up of Scots presence in Canada, mostly (but not all) since 1763. Trying to contact the writer to suggest additions. The Piper Richardson story and statue in Chilliwack, and his pipes now in the Royal BC Museum. Place names like Abbotsford, Banff, McGregor, etc. And the most famous of all in Canadian literature--Margaret Laurence, especially her novel The Diviners, in which the protagonist Morag Gunn traces her family's Scottish roots (Gunn, Logan, Wemyss, Simpson) as a step in her growing Canadian identity. Actually, now that I think about it, there is almost no reference in Cowan's book to the contribution of Scots women in the creation of Canada. Nellie McClung? Alice Munro? See her The View from Castle Rock. European traditions die hard. 

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