Thursday, May 30, 2019


Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. THE MILLIONTH CIRCLE: How to Change Ourselves and the World. Conari, 1999. 

As the cover blurb says, "The Essential Guide to Women's Circles." Positive thinking. Individual and group responsibility. 

p. 13 " ... the promise that when a critical number of people change their attitude or behavior, culture at large will change. " 

p. 40 co-dependency "If one fears to be truthful, lest feelings be hurt or punishment follows, there is codependency, Codependency and equality are incompatible."

p. 17 "Every important relationship is a universe of two. ... you are either in a circle or a hierarchy. If there is an unspoken assumption that you will defer or be subordinate and accept the other's judgment or choices in place of your own--you are living in a patriarchy of two."

p. 43 talking stick -- saying the truth with tact and kindness

p. 73 Rituals, altars, celebrations (risk of empty form) "It's not what is done, but the spirit in which it is done that makes all the difference."

p. 74 candles  "Each is a visible symbol of an invisible fire, that is spirit, soul, wisdom, illumination, heart. The fire around which we gather."

p. 88 Namaste - The divinity in me greets the divinity in thee.

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