Sunday, September 22, 2019


Louise Penny. The Nature of the Beast.

A Hawthorne Book Club selection for September. Re-reading this classic Penny is well worth it. Once you know what happens, the details of character and plotting stand out as so impressive.
I still have two reservations about the plot. 1) the importance of paper plans to a weapon once the concept is known and models exist. 2) the description of armed guards inside a Canadian prison, and an unauthorized person escorting a dangerous prisoner out without proper authority. I think not. 
But the sub-plots. The American deserter who has created a new life and young family for himself. The mysterious CSIS agents and arms designers and sellers, some of it based on fact. The complicity of the community in years past, especially Ruth the poet who knew more than she shared. The hints of challenges to come--Jean-Guy's addiction, Armand's career path

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