Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cult Fiction I: 25th Anniversary of Rambo FIRST BLOOD

Cult Fiction I: 25th Anniversary of Rambo FIRST BLOOD

Hope, BC celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the premier of the movie First Blood on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, October 5 – 7, 2007.

First Blood introduced movie audiences to John Rambo, a Vietnam vet who cannot stop fighting for what he believes is right. In the twenty-five years since its release and the thirty-five years since the publication of the novel, Rambo has become an icon. Hundreds of travellers inquire about Rambo at the Hope visitor information centre every year.

In the twenty-five years since it premiered, First Blood has become a cult classic. Fans on amateur review sites such as or rave about it:
“One of the best action movies ever made.”
“One amazing movie.”
“Simply one of the best films ever made.”
“Stallone is about as good as he has ever been here.”
“This small film by Carolco is about as perfect a film as you can get.”
“This movie has kept me entertained for years.”
“A classic and powerful action film and one of the best out there.”
“An under-rated classic.”

What is it about this film that elicits such superlatives from fans? What inspires such passion? What are the good reasons to watch it again?

The Hope community celebration includes: a Rambo look-alike contest, film location tours, a Rambo art contest, a premier showing of a REEL Places documentary on the filming of First Blood, an anniversary screening of First Blood at the town cinema, and (how appropriate!) a wind-up Pig Roast.

Read more about the movie and the book in Cult Fiction II, III, IV, V, and VI.

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