Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Sixty years ago this month, the two runners who had already broken the 4-minute mile barrier raced each other at the Empire Games in Vancouver. They were this close when John Landy did a shoulder check and Roger Bannister passed him on his blind side, and won the race.

Fifty years ago today, the Beatles touched down in Vancouver and played Empire Stadium. I remember hearing about it on the news.

Yesterday, I visited Hastings Park for the first time and stroked off two things from my Bucket List – the PNE and riding the merry-go-round. It was a great day, good weather, sunshine with a nice breeze, lots of trees and shade, lots of food, Superdogs. Without having to buy gas, pay for bridge toll, parking, or admission, and without the stress of driving in rush-hour traffic. Bonus. Thank you, Care Transit. A perfect day.


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