Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Ibram X. Kendi. HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST. One World, 2019. + the workbook. 

I ordered these from Amazon and wanted to read them before finishing a draft of My TRC Quilt. It is very interesting. He uses memoir as a way in to define and discuss racism, along with growing up Black in America. The main message I took away is that it is not enough to just not be racist. It is necessary to actively oppose and confront racism in self and others. He also reveals the way class,stereotypes, and classism complicate the issue of racism in America.

However, as a useful tool to apply to the issues in Canada, not so much. The other message, equal respect for all, is pretty basic, but it does not help with the situation here where Indigenous peoples have a prior claim. Black Americans and other Americans are all immigrants, and Kendi does not address the question of indigenous Americans. Still, he is young and he is inspiring. 

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