Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Russell Peters, with Clayton Peters & Dannis Koromilas. CALL ME RUSSELL. Doubleday, 2010. 

An entertaining memoir of Brampton ON - raised comedian. Family ties, an Anglo-Indian family, the brothers born one in India & one in Canada. Bullied at School. ADD and directionless. The heroic climb from open-mic nights to sold out arenas. Generous with his gratitude. Sharing a bit more than I care to know. Especially the bits about counting sleeps. It seems his ideal woman is a porn star. Shopping. Labels. Being star-struck. An eternal boy in this book, published ten years ago before either of his children were born. What I learned of the life of a touring comic would not make me want to try that career. But you have to admire the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. 

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