Tuesday, December 21, 2021


 Chuck Palahniuk. SNUFF.

600+ eager men await the call for their turn to participate in a world-record gang bang video. The rumour is that someone will die.

I read it for the style. Each chapter is the voice of a different character and POV. The studs, identified by number, each have a symbol. The boy carries roses. The old anchor man. The autographed dog guy. The has-been porn star. The wrangler, Sheila, has a clipboard. The waiting woman, Cassie Wright. The running joke stitching each chapter together is the perversion of movie titles used to sell porn videos. 

True to what Palahniuk has made such a successful career out of, the sticky smelly claustrophobic room is a wasteland of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual poverty. Very convincing.

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