Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Lee Child Persuader 

Scrabble-playing friend BK says he reads & enjoys Lee Child. I had never heard of this British-born American writer although it seems he has been on the NYTimes best seller lists for years. That same night I was offered a Lee Child as a door prize, at the Giller Glitter evening, so I assumed it was fate. Since then I've read 4, 3 of them, including this one, gifts. The Affair. The Hard Way. Personal. I groan when I receive one because I know it will mean 3 days lost, sitting, turning pages obsessively, to see what Jack Reacher does next. I also find that I cannot remember later which book was about what. The Affair was set in the US South, Carter Crossing, Mississippi, near a base, and a sexual assault cover-up. Personal was a revenge plot about a sniper in Paris & the G8 in London. The Hard Way? Starts in NYC, a ransom pick-up gone wrong. Persuader is set in NE US, Portland, Maine perhaps, about a carpet import business, a son who was kidnapped previously, Reacher infiltrating the family home on a cliff. An undercover DEA operation which turns into an ATF operation, because the Persuader is a weapon. 

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