The Cure for Insomnia - 2011 - Playing

Playing, Shopping, Lunching, Shooting

I still play Scrabble with a group every Thursday and with Molly every Sunday. And way too much on computer, from a DVD I bought in Bellingham. On Wednesdays I meet for coffee at the Blue Moose and talk about "art things" and local "news." I went in to Vancouver in early December on the "Art Bus" to Granville Island. I did minimal Christmas shopping and spent some happy time snapping photos. My favourite is one of an art gallery window, Eagle Spirit. A glass eagle juxtaposed over beams looks either "soaring" or "crucified." It also has a little tattoo which says "The Keg" (backwards) under its right wing. I am still enjoying my digital camera. Playing around with the decorations, I came up with the merry winter solstice moose; he makes me smile. 


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