Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Cure for Insomnia - 2011 - Genealogy

Genealogy Club

I have also started attending the local genealogy club once a month. I made PowerPoints of three family histories--Hayne family, Bubar family, Bridgeman family, and one for my youngest brother Harv, his baby pictures, etc. I may participate in a presentation on "being your own best archivist" which means leaving a proper paper trail so the people three generations from now who are researching us have something to work with. Not sure what all it will include: origins, ancestors, parents, births, naming histories [why that name?], schools, certificates, employment, marriages, deaths, burial places, towns, provinces, countries, home addresses, houses, work & careers & hobbies, children and grandchildren, friends, pets, travels, newspaper notifications and public achievements, personal stories and legends. And then, what format to present it in and what to do with it after completion. It was fun doing the PowerPoints. [Zzzzzz] I found out I had a Bridgeman relative who was a prison guard and a wrecker in Cornwall 270 years ago. Wish I'd known that when I toured Cornwall in 1989. For Genealogy Club Show and Tell I took my Metis sash. I know it comes from Manitoba, circa 1880, but does anyone know whether I received it from Great Aunt Beatrice Hamilton from Golden or from Grandma Bubar from Kettle Valley?

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